Wta Player Turned Playboy Says Agassi Is &Quot;Best Partner A Girl Could Have&Quot;

WTA player-turned-PlayBoy says Agassi is ‘the best partner a girl could have’

Former WTA tennis player Ashley Harkleroad, who appeared in Playboy as a model and on OnlyFans, recalled on her Instagram Stories the time she played mixed doubles with Andre Agassi in the Dominican Republic. «The best mixed doubles pair a girl can have.

Throwback to me and Andre, press conference in the Dominican,» Harkleroad wrote on Instagram. Also, Harkleroad, whose highest ranking on the WTA was No. 39, Agassi’s book called Open is her favorite autobiography.

Open has a high score on Goodreads (4.28). Here’s an excerpt from the book’s description on Goodreads: «Agassi brings an almost photographic memory to every pivotal match and relationship. Never before has the inner game of tennis and the outer game of fame been so precisely delineated.

Alongside vivid portraits of cross-generational rivals (Jimmy Connors, Pete Sampras, Roger Federer), Agassi provides generous accounts of his brief time with Barbra Streisand and his doomed marriage to Brooke Shields.

It reveals a devastating loss of confidence. And recounts his spectacular resurrection, a comeback that culminates in his epic run at the 1999 French Open and his march to become the oldest man ranked number one.

In clear, tense prose, Agassi evokes his loyal brother, his wise coach, his gentle coach, all the people who help him regain his balance and finally find love with Stefanie Graf.

Inspired by his silent strength, he fights through the crippling pain of a deteriorating spine to remain a dangerous opponent in the twenty-first and final year of his career. Entering his last tournament in 2006, he has been hailed for completing an astonishing metamorphosis, from maverick to veteran statesman, from dropout to advocate for education.

And it’s not over yet. In a US Open for the ages, he makes a brave last stand and then delivers one of the most moving farewells ever heard in a sports arena.»

Harkleroad on appearing on PlayBoy and OnlyFans

In the past, Harkleroad showed his pride by appearing on PlayBoy and joining OnlyFans.

«I am the first professional tennis player to be on the cover of Playboy and now on Onlyfans!»

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