Anett Kontaveit shares she will likely never fully recover from back issue

Anett Kontaveit shares that she will probably never fully recover from the problem above

Anett Kontaveit has shared that her back problem will probably never fully heal, but she is hopeful that she will at least be able to continue playing without pain. Kontaveit, 27, ended his 2022 season a bit early to address his back problem.

But at the start of the 2023 season, Kontaveit’s back problems returned and negatively affected his performance and results. «More precisely, my injury is degenerative changes of the lumbar spinal discs and irritation of the adductors of the left thigh due to previous trauma.

I am treating him with special exercises and physiotherapy, it helps me [physiotherapists] Toms Zvonkovs and Lauri Ott. It’s something I probably won’t be completely free of anymore. But (hopefully) it can be controlled well enough that you can keep playing without pain,» Kontaveit said in an email interview with Delfi and Eesti Päevaleh.

Kontaveit announced an injury break in February

After losing to Shelby Rogers in the round of 16 in Abu Dhabi in early February, Kontaveit announced his withdrawal from Doha and Dubai. In her message, Kontaveit confirmed that it was the same back injury that afflicted her in 2022.

«Hi. I just want to keep you posted. It’s been a rough start to 2023. I’ve been feeling the back in most of the games I’ve played since October of last year. I’ve been trying to help myself and get treatment and do exercise as much as possible, but for some reason this has come back every time I play competitively.

So I decided to take a few weeks off, which unfortunately means I’ll have to skip the tournaments in Doha and Dubai. I’m working with my team to help me as much as I can and I really hope to be ready for IW and Miami in March.

Thank you for your continued support,» Kontaveit announced on his Instagram on February 13. Kontaveit had hoped to be ready for Indian Wells, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. So far in 2023, Kontaveit is 2-4. It remains to be seen when. Will Kontaveit be able to play again?

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