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Eugenie Bouchard is a Canadian tennis player born on February 25, 1994. Her highest ranking in the women’s tennis rankings is 7th place, achieved on July 7, 2014. She becomes the first Canadian to win a single Grand Slam tournament after her triumph at Wimbledon as a girl. In May 2014, Eugenie Bouchard won her first WTA title at the Nuremberg Ferziherungschup 2014, and in early July at Wimbledon 2014, she reached her first Grand Slam final. At the Australian Open 2014 and Roland Garros 2014, схе reached the semifinals.

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Eugenie Bouchard started playing tennis at the age of five and is a member of the Tennis Canada National Training Center in Montreal. He attended The Study in Westmount. At the age of 12, he moved to Florida with his mother to coach Nick Saviano, where she met one of her best childhood friends, tennis player Laura Robson. From that moment on, she was called the «chosen one» by her brothers and sisters.

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Her father formed a limited partnership called Tennis Mania to support Eugenie Bouchard‘s career. He and two investors contributed money to the partnership in exchange for 10% of Eugenie Bouchard’s future income when she becomes a professional tennis player. In August 2013, the court ruled that the partnership had no legal claims, as Eugenie, 9, could not reasonably agree to distribute portions of her future income. Her father claims that the money he invested in the partnership before Yuzheni became a professional was a business loss, which would mean tax relief for himself.

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