Alexander Zverev: 'We Could See That The New Format Did Not Work'

‘We could see that the new format was not working’

Alexander Zverev says «justice has prevailed» after the ATP investigation concluded that there is «insufficient evidence» to substantiate allegations of domestic abuse made by the German’s ex-girlfriend, Olya Sharypova. In late 2021, the ATP announced that it would launch an investigation into the domestic abuse allegations Sharypova made against Zverev.

15 months later, the investigation has come to an end and Zverev will not face any sanctions from the ATP. «From the beginning, I have maintained my innocence and have denied the baseless accusations that have been made against me.

I have fully welcomed and cooperated with the ATP investigation and am grateful for the organization’s time and attention to this matter. This decision marks a neutral third-party arbitrator who has reviewed all relevant information and has made a clear and informed decision on this matter in my favor.

In addition to the independent ATP investigation, I also initiated legal proceedings in Germany and Russia, which I won. I am grateful that this has finally been resolved and my priority now is to recover from the injury and focus on what I love most in this world: tennis.

I want to thank my friends, family, and fans for their continued support. We have followed a long and difficult process and justice has prevailed,» Zverev said in a statement. “A major independent investigation into Alexander Zverev found insufficient evidence to substantiate the published allegations of abuse.

As a result, the ATP will not take any disciplinary action,» the ATP statement read. Ever since Sharypova accused Zverev of domestic abuse, the German tennis star has maintained his innocence.

Zverev is recovering well

Asked before his winning match against Stan Wawrinka in the Davis Cup qualifying round between Germany and Switzerland, Alexander Zverev did not fail to direct a nice little entry to Kosmos and his boss, Gerard Piqué, about the disastrous handling of the Cup. Davis from the format. it was revised in 2019.

“You can’t buy history with money. Sport lives on emotions and the Davis Cup has always been a competition where the greatest emotions are experienced, the most beautiful atmosphere. We could see that the new format was not working.

There is a real need to play matches at home and away.» There was a lot of pressure on the ATP to start an investigation, and they finally did. A great victory for the Teuton beyond the fields with this triumph, clearing his name and with the possibility of leaving these events behind.

The German will now finally be able to focus on his professional career, in which he has also won, since he has been able to play at a high level without any ailment.

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