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Viktoriya Tomova is a professional Bulgarian tennis player. Her career-high WTA singles ranking is No 104, reached on June 28, 2021. Viktoriya Tomova had won 16 ITF titles and her biggest achievement was the semi-finals of WTA 250 Copa Colsanitas and WTA 250 Serbia Ladies Open.

Viktoriya Tomova was born on February 5, 1995, in Sofia, Bulgaria. She started playing tennis at an early age. As a junior, she won the title at European Junior Championships and BNP Paribas Cup Stade Francais Paris in 2009. She also reached the fourth round of the Junior Orange Bowl in 2007.

Viktoriya Tomova made her professional debut in 2009 at $10,000 Rousse (Bulgaria), reaching the semi-finals. During the same year, despite her young age, she took part at three more ITF tournaments in Bulgaria.

Viktoriya Tomova Tennis Play

In 2010, Viktoriya Tomova reached her first ITF final at $10,000 Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) but lost to Ani Mijacika. The same year, she reached the quarter-finals of the $10,000 Antalya (Turkey).

Viktoriya Tomova won her first ITF title in 2011 at $15,000 Monastir (Tunisia). she continues playing in the junior and the ITF tours.

In 2012, Viktoriya Tomova turned only to professional tennis. During the year, she won the trophy at $10,000 Varna (Bulgaria) and reached the semi-finals of $15,000 Nis (Serbia) and $10,000 Antalya (Turkey).

In 2013, the Bulgarian tennis player won the title at $15,000 W15 Prokuplje (Serbia), while a year later she added three more trophies at $15,000 Bol (Croatia), $15,000 Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and $10,000 Sousse (Tunisia).

Viktoriya Tomova continue her winning series in 2015 and 2016, winning the trophies at $15,000 W15 Heraklion (Greece), $50,000 Szeged (Hungary), $10,000 Antalya (Turkey), $10,000 Antalya-Belconti (Turkey). In 2016, she reached the final at $100,000 Budapest (Hungary), losing to another Bulgarian – Elitsa Kostova.

Viktoriya Tomova made her WTA debut in 2017 at WTA 250 Upper Austria Ladies Linz. She reached the second round, losing to Viktorija Golubic. During the year, she won the titles at $25,000 Sofia (Bulgaria) and $25,000 W25 Istanbul (Turkey). The same year she reached the semi-finals of the prestigious tournaments $60,000 Izmir (Turkey), $60,000 W60+H Rome (Italy) and $100,000 Budapest (Hungary).

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In 2018, Viktoriya Tomova played in the WTA and ITF Tours. She reached the second round of the Wimbledon, which is her biggest achievement in the Grand Slam tournaments. During the year, she reached the semi-finals of the $100,000 W100 Suzhou (China).

In 2019, Viktoriya Tomova won her most prestigious trophy at $80,000 W80 Biarritz (France) and reached the semi-finals of the WTA 125 Taipei OEC Open.

Viktoriya Tomova made her biggest achievements in 2021, when she reached the semi-finals of the WTA 250 Serbia Ladies Open and WTA 250 Copa Colsanitas. This pushed her tanking to world’s No 104 in June. In September, she reached the semi-finals of $80,000 W80 Valencia (Spain).

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