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Venus Williams: «I want to play tennis again soon»


Venus Williams spoke in a video via her social networks and explained her current situation and her current plan to continue playing tennis as her body allows.

The wait continues Venus Williams plays tennis professionally, even though he will be 43 in a few months. The historic North American player played at the WTA Auckland earlier this year, but an injury sustained there forced her to stop again and, as a result, miss the Australian Open. However, the eldest of the siblings talks about his unwavering desire to continue his career in the statements compiled by the Mundo Deportivo magazine.

His intensive work at the end of 2022

“I only played four tournaments last year, all during the North American summer. Since the return was a bit rushed, I decided to take some time off from the competition to get back on my game, four months in which I haven’t stopped training., excited to play in the Australian Open again. Before going to Melbourne, my calendar stopped at New Zealand, where I have good memories from the past, like the championship in 2015 or playing in the final a while back.»

Another injury in Auckland

«After a few hours of running, I felt that something was wrong. We started from center field and had to move many times because of the rain, completely depending on whether it started or stopped, my head didn’t know very well where to go anymore. The game had started at 12:30; at 17:00 in the afternoon it was still not ready. They spent hours and hours finally waiting for a slightly controversial outcome because there is a rule in tennis that says you have to finish on the same court you start on.

The decision to withdraw from the Australian Open

“I left the course very sad, I got on the bike thinking the Australian Open was very close, but two days later I was told I had a problem. femur injurywhich made me say goodbye australia«.

Illusion to play? intact

«I need to rest for a while before I start training again, before I started running I had to walk again so I hope I can run again soon. I know things can’t always go well I just hope to be back playing tennis very soon, I don’t know exactly when, hopefully sooner rather than later«.


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