Tsitsipas No Asustado Enfrentarme Alcaraz

Tsitsipas: «I’m not afraid to face Alcaraz»

The Greek tennis player qualified for his third ATP final in Barcelona and hinted in the press room about the possibility of facing Spain’s Carlos Alcaraz, who he does not claim to be afraid of, but admits is the strongest player at the moment.

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Is the third time a charm Stefanos Tsitsipas inside of it Barcelona ATP? The Greek reached his third final in the tournament barcelona, from the category 500 and that will be disputed on clay, having been eliminated in Italy’s first semi-final Lorenzo Musetti in three hard sleeves. The second seed of the table had already anticipated a very intense duel against the transalpine player and hit the mark, and he was forced to show his best level in the decisive set to reach the long-awaited ticket to the final.

In the press room, Tsitsipas admitted that he did not have as many good feelings with the racket as in the previous days, especially regarding his serve, which he gave up several times against Musetti. one of them Athens He also explained the differences between this duel and their previous duel Roland Garros and apparently he was hinting at a possible title match against Carlos Alcarazof which he announced that he is currently the strongest player and tries to fight him.

Alcaraz’s fear?

«I’m not afraid to face him. I’m going to the field to play. I’m trying to make some adjustments and be ready to fight. I would like to go to the track and play one of the best players in the world. I will try to do my best and see how I cope with the challenge of playing big moments against the strongest player at the moment. I know I have no choice but to play very well«.

Change from second to third series

«I was able to serve better and more versatile. I had to deal with more breaks than I initially expected. Sometimes it reminded me of the games I played in Miami. I didn’t have such clear thoughts as in previous games. The breaks were due to the fact that I was in a rush at certain moments and wanted to attack immediately. But Lorenzo also did very well. He is a player who covers the court well, can move from side to side and get good passing shots. Very good defensive play from him. In the end I felt my ball was doing more damageI hit harder and managed to be more aggressive in the remains«.

Differences between this match and Roland Garros

«I’m not the best person to say how Lorenzo (Musetti) needs to develop or not, we haven’t played that many times with each other. But from my perspective, I don’t think his tennis has changed much since the match in Paris. Maybe here there has been more intensity in the rallies, which were very long. I had a pretty bad start at Roland Garros, but I managed to turn the game around brilliantly. Today was different. I was close to closing the match in straight sets, but he saved the match point and the match became more exciting.«.

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