Tiger Woods' Lawyers Reacted To The Accusations And Explained Things

Tiger Woods’ lawyers reacted to the accusations and explained things

After his ex-girlfriend filed a lawsuit against him several days ago, tiger forest has been the main topic of discussion for the past few days. In the claim filed by erica hermannseeks to void the confidentiality agreement he signed with Woods.

In the opinion of Erika’s lawyers, the new law limits the scope of such contracts in cases of sexual harassment or assault, but the allegations in her lawsuit do not contain any details about such incidents. It did not take long for the reaction of Tiger Woods and his lawyers who had to react to things like this.

As Woods’ lawyers explained, there was never an oral lease between them, and there was no such agreement between them. « Mr. Woods invited Mrs. Herman to live with him as his guest at the Residence. Mr. Woods never negotiated an oral lease with Ms.

German. Nor was there ever a written lease between Mr. Woods or the Trust. «- said the lawyers quoted by culturapopular.com

Lawyers reaction: He arranged for her to stay

According to the lawyers, Forest he did the right thing after that, but she has destroyed his trust in her by her subsequent actions.

«Woods notified Ms. Herman that he was breaking up. He arranged for her to stay at a local luxury resort and provided funds that she could apply toward a new residence.» They think that with this Erica he wants to attract attention and get a certain benefit.

«Herman’s decision to sue the trust instead of Woods is nothing more than a transparent attempt by Ms. Herman to avoid her contractual obligation to arbitrate and gain influence by litigating her disputes with Mr. Woods in a public forum.» . tiger forest he found himself again in another incident. It will be interesting to find out the final truth.

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