Greg Rusedski: No Question Novak Djokovic Would Have Won 2022 Australian Open

There is no doubt that Novak Djokovic would have won the Australian Open 2022

1997 US Open finalist Greg Rusedski has no doubt that Novak Djokovic would have won this year’s Australian Open had he been allowed to compete at Melbourne Park. Djokovic, 35, is a nine-time Australian Open champion and was hoping to win a fourth straight Australian Open title in 2022.

But instead of celebrating another Australian Open triumph, Djokovic was deported from Australia, something he took months to mentally recover from. In Djokovic’s absence, Rafael Nadal made it all the way to the Australian Open.

Rusedski: There is no doubt that Djokovic would have won the Australian Open

«No doubt about it. He would have won it this year if he had been allowed to play. He has won it nine times, that is his best slam. No doubt about it.

Djokovic is just a step forward, he’s just a world-class player, he has all the assets, he has everything you need,» Rusedski said on Amazon Prime Video, quoted in Sportskeeda. Last week, Djokovic was informed by the Australian government that his three-year ban on entering the country was rescinded.

With that being said, Djokovic is allowed to return to Australia in January and challenge for a record tenth Australian Open title. «As to your next question regarding Australia, yes, I got the news yesterday morning and was very happy to hear it.

It’s been a tough year with everything going on obviously in Australia for me and those close to me. This was a great new year present I think, and I’m looking forward to going to Australia and hopefully having another successful Australian Open, which has historically been my most successful Grand Slam.

I had some of my best memories on that court. Hopefully I can have more positive memories there,» Djokovic told Eurosport last week. It remains to be seen if Djokovic can win his 22nd Grand Slam at the Australian Open.

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