Tsitsipas Pocos Bajo Presión

«There are a few who can play well under pressure»


Greek tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas went through the press room as he advanced to the third round of Roland Garros, where he waxed philosophical about tennis and what it’s like to play doubles with his brother at a Grand Slam tournament.

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After a fairly regular round of brick dust Stefanos Tsitsipas landed inside Roland Garros with the idea of ​​equaling his performance from 2021, when he reached the final. Despite having passed the first two rounds with relative ease, he has a risk test tomorrow. No doubt the Greek is the favorite, but Schwartzman He already showed that Paris is a special place for him.

His view of tennis

“It can be very complicated for some, especially people who see the glass empty more than the glass full. It’s a mindset. Sometimes it looks like a mountain, and I’ve been there and I’ve had periods in my career where I looked like a giant mountain. There are other stages in my career where everything seemed so easy, simple and effortless that it’s a joy to play around and try to understand it because it is. Tennis is just trying to figure out what works best for you, what your strengths are.How do you move forward when difficult circumstances or moments come?

Pressure, a difficult factor to deal with

«Some can play well under pressure, especially in big, tight moments., and you have to have the mental strength of a Navy SEAL to somehow pull it off. You have to have the physique of a marathon runner, the lungs of a marathon runner. You have to have the power of a football player, so to go back to the hard work part, there are so many little components that you have to put together to become an incredible player where you allow yourself to be unstoppable.

Playing a Grand Slam tournament with his brother

«Losing to your brother sucks more than usual. And I had to shift my focus to singles, but after putting in so much effort, in a way, I’m doing this for my brother. I don’t think anyone else has done it. I am very happy that we can do it together because I remember when we were little we wanted to participate in this, in a way it was our dream. So he, who has worked hard and earned his spot in the doubles draw, just wants to go for it. One of our dreams is to win the Davis Cup together. Doing that with your brother is probably the most beautiful thing you can witness on a tennis court”.


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