Cerúndolo Importante Argentina Gane

«The most important thing is that Argentina win the series»

Francisco Cerúndolo spoke officially when he arrived in Finland for the qualifying series of the Davis Cup. The top-ranked Argentinian in his team referred to the importance of the team and a recurring theme since Guillermo Coria’s arrival in Espoo: the pace of the pitch.

players of the tournament

Confirmation to be the first singer list

«I think it’s good on the one hand because you already know what you have to play and more or less who your competition is. So you can prepare it a little bit more in advance.

Group goal before personal

«We are a team, the most important thing is that Argentina wins the series. Playing is a pleasure and for my part I want to give with the winnings I can achieve the main goal.

Great coexistence between the players

Fortunately, we all get along well. we will die laughing there is very good chemistry between the whole team, very good exercises, games, lunches and dinners. We have fun and that is the key to making the week the best it can be, without a lot of nerves or pressure. Facu (Bagnis) and Pedro (Cachín) never played, so we’re all having fun together and that’s key for everyone who has to play at the weekend to get in the best possible way.

Court, very fast

«I can see this pitch a bit quickly, it’s cement where the ball skates a lot; I don’t know what the pitch will be like in the main stadium, but I estimate it will be similar. They’re going to cement us pretty quickly where they work best. The balls help because they are heavy balls and make the court a little less fast. To me Paris Masters comes to mind. I had to play on court 2 where I felt it very quickly, the ball stings very low, it slides and does not lift much.

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