Paula Badosa: 'Fighter' Aryna Sabalenka Totally Deserves To Be A Grand Slam Winner

The ‘fighter’ Aryna Sabalenka deserves to be a Grand Slam winner

Paula Badosa believes Aryna Sabalenka «totally deserves» to be Grand Slam champion. Sabalenka, 24, lifted her first Grand Slam title after defeating Elena Rybakina in the final of the Australian Open. After losing three Grand Slam semifinals in the past, Sabalenka made her Grand Slam breakthrough at the Australian Open.

Badosa and Sabalenka have a great friendship and are very close. “As he always says, we are soul mates. I think we are very similar personalities and I admire her a lot. She’s a fighter and she’s been through a lot, tough times, and she’s always fighting no matter what.

We all remember how she started serving in Australia last year and tried and tried and never gave up, and it was amazingly rewarding. I know that it was very important to her and it is a dream come true. And she was really happy because we’re really close and we’re going through, like, the same journey together.

I think he totally deserves it,» Badosa said. arab news.

Badosa, Daria Kasatkina: Sabalenka has earned a Grand Slam

Kasatkina agreed with Badosa as she also believes that Sabalenka has deservedly won a Grand Slam title..

“I don’t know if people outside of tennis see it or not, but we are here and we see everything that is inside, you can clearly see that she is putting in a 1,000 percent effort to win a Grand Slam. She totally deserves it.

She is one of the hardest workers on tour,» Kasatkina told Arab News. In 2022, Sabalenka had an up-and-down season. But at the start of the 2023 season, Sabalenka has been absolutely outstanding at 11-0 and is coming off. back-to-back wins at the Adelaide International and the Australian Open.

Throughout her time in Australia, Sabalenka spoke several times about her new «bored and calm approach and attitude.» Being calmer on the court certainly paid off for Sabalenka in early 2023.

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