Sascha Bajin: &Quot;That'S Why Rafael Nadal Lost Muscle Mass&Quot;

«That’s why Rafael Nadal lost muscle mass»

Rafael Nadal’s physique has changed a lot since the early years of his career.. Over time, the Spanish champion had to lose muscle mass to protect his knees. Sascha Bajin, former coach of Naomi Osakaspoke about this topic on Twitter: «Guys, the speech is very simple.

Muscle mass is weight. Every extra kilo you have to carry with you is multiplied when you have to move on concrete. Your knees feel that weight, because they have to absorb most of the impact. The muscles of the upper body are not really that important for tennis..

Having a big biceps is not essential to success in tennis, at least in my opinion. Too much muscle mass can be a disadvantage, as you risk weighing him down and slowing him down on the court. Let’s not forget how long the matches last in the Grand Slams.»

Nadal’s injuries

Nadal has had countless physical problems during his long careeralso due to a very wasteful style of play.

Although he has had to stay out of several tournaments, the Spaniard has shown a longevity that very few would have expected when he stepped on the circuit. The former world number 1 wowed everyone last year, winning the Australian Open and Roland Garros against all odds.

Coming back from 2021 with just seven tournaments played, the Mallorcan is back in fashion reiterating that he is a living legend of this sport. The last few months have been quite difficult for Rafa, who has not been able to express his best tennis since the semifinal he reached at Wimbledon.

The beginning of 2023 did not bring him luck, since the Iberian suffered a second degree injury in the ileus-psoas during the Australian Open. The 22-time Grand Slam champion has already resigned from the ATP tournaments in Doha and Dubai, while his presence in Indian Wells and Miami remains uncertain. It is not unlikely that Nadal will choose to preserve his body ahead of the clay court season.

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