Holger Rune: 'That Is Why I Had Meltdown And Cramps'

‘That’s why I had collapse and cramps’

Nick Kyrgios believes that Rune Holger he has the potential to win multiple Grand Slams and has also revealed that he would like to team up with the Dane for a doubles event. At 19 years old, she Rune is already a Masters champion and currently occupies the 9th position in the world ranking.

Rune is a fearless player on the court and Kyrgios believes the Dane could do great things in the future. «Holger’s potential is unbelievable, and he is big enough to win multiple Grand Slams during his career. He could be great for the sport of tennis,» Kyrgios told BT.

Kyrgios focuses on singles, but occasionally plays doubles. Now, Kyrgios reveals that he would definitely be willing to share the same side of the court with Rune one day. «Whenever Holger wants, I’m ready. Maybe even later this year in a smaller tournament.

I’m sure we would love to play together. We could be a good doubles pair. So we’ll see. I might ask him,» Kyrgios said. In pre-season, Kyrgios underwent knee surgery which later forced him to withdraw from the US Cup and Adelaide 2.

Just three days before the start of the Australian Open, Kyrgios played an exhibition match against Novak Djokovic at Melbourne Park. Kyrgios won the exhibition match against Djokovic, but it was clear to him that his knee was not where he needed to be for a Grand Slam.

So, Kyrgios had to make a heartbreaking decision and withdraw from the Australian Open as well. Shortly after announcing his retirement, Kyrgios underwent knee surgery. The most important thing for Kyrgios is that the operation went well and the Wimbledon 2022 finalist hopes to be able to play the Indian Wells and the Miami Masters.

The Indian Wells Masters kicks off on March 8 and it remains to be seen if Kyrgios will play in the desert.

Rune won Paris-Bercy

Holger Rune recently revealed the reason why he thinks he was having tantrums on the pitch. Rune won his first ATP Masters series event in 2022 when he defeated Novak Djokovic to lift the trophy in Paris.

He believes the changes to his diet helped him enjoy a fruitful indoor European swing. “In addition, it is important to eat well and get enough sleep during the season. Because if I don’t have power, the motor will burn out. Now I have a nutrition plan, so I know I’m getting what I need.

We found out I didn’t get half the sugar and salt I needed [for matches], that’s why I had collapse and cramps. I really didn’t know [things like these] it could make so much difference… My coach says that a Ferrari without fuel is useless.

He is correct. So now I’m much more conscious of what I eat…although I do love pepperoni pizza and ice cream.”

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