Carlos Alcaraz: 'That'S What I Am Hoping For This Year'

‘That’s what I hope for this year’

One day after starting his participation in the Rio Open, Carlos Alcaraz He ended up taking his pass to the second instance of the Brazilian tournament after defeating the home player Mateus Alves. The rain prevented him from doing it on Tuesday, and it was not until Wednesday that he complied with the procedure.

«Things have changed. Last year I received a lot of love from the public, but this year I have also noticed the difference. I feel enormously loved here, with people who support me”, commented the reigning champion of the tournament.

“Stopping and having to come back the next day is not easy at all. However, it is what has happened and it is a circumstance that tennis players go through, we have to overcome it and face it in the best possible way ”, he added. .

Alcaraz has just won the Argentina Open, a contest that gave him confidence after starting the season injured: «After four months out, I had a good week in Argentina, I am confident. I want to have a good year, with many tournaments.

There is a bit of pressure because I have to defend several titles, but I want to enjoy.» Finally, Carlitos insisted that his position in the ranking is something that obsesses him in the short term: «Number one is a good goal, one that like this anus.» The Murcian’s next rival on the Brazilian clay will be the Italian Fabio Fognini.

Until what round do you see Carlos Alcaraz reach the Rio Open 2023?

Alcaraz continued his undefeated streak in 2023

Carlos Alcaraz continued his unbeaten streak in 2023, with a solid 6-4, 6-4 win over Mateus Alves in their first round match at the Rio Open.

«The truth is that a beautiful year is expected, with beautiful tournaments,» said Carlos Alcaraz. “It is true that there will be a bit of pressure to defend important titles. I will have to play at a good level, nut, as I always say, I play each game thinking that I have to enjoy it, far beyond the results.

I have to try to win more Grand Slam titles, to regain the number 1 position,» said Carlos Alcaraz. «That’s what I hope for this year,» he continued. «It’s not easy to stop after a whole match and have to start again the next day, I feel like I’m doing well after four months injured. I had a very good week in Argentina and I come here with a lot of confidence,» he added.

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