Taylor Fritz Explains Why He Feels Off-Court Coaching Is 'Dumb Rule'

Taylor Fritz explains why he feels off-court training is a ‘dumb rule’

Indian Wells Masters champion Taylor Fritz believes the ATP introducing off-court training is «foolish» and the new rule takes the beauty out of the game. Since last month, off-court training has been allowed on the ATP Tour.

Coaches sitting in designated seats can give players verbal and non-verbal guidance. Fritz reveals that he hasn’t been using off-court training because he feels that one of the beauties of tennis is that players figure out for themselves what to do in times of pressure.

«I haven’t talked to Mike [Russell, Fritz’s coach] and he hasn’t spoken to me once since training has become a thing. It’s a silly rule. Tennis is an individual sport. Why don’t we make it an individual sport? A big part of tennis is, in my opinion, that tennis is mental as well as physical, and a big part is that you have to discover it on the court for yourself.

You have to be the one to find out. I think it’s ridiculous that you can’t be there mentally, that you’re not good analytically, that you’re not good at figuring things out and coming up with strategies, and that you can have someone tell you what to do.

I hate it,» Fritz said, according to Eurosport.

Fritz, Nick Kyrgios don’t like training off the pitch

When the ATP announced the introduction of the off-court training test, coach Patrick Mouratoglou sent out a tweet. «Congratulations to the ATP for ‘legalizing’ a practice that has been happening in almost every match for decades.

No more hypocrisy,” Mouratoglou said. Kyrgios, the 2022 Wimbledon runner-up, made it clear that he was not a fan of the new rule. «Completely disagree,» Kyrgios wrote in response to Mouratoglou’s tweet.

«It loses one of the only unique traits that no other sport had. The player had to figure things out for himself. That was the beauty of it. What happens if a high-profile player versus a low-ranking player who doesn’t do you have or pay for a trainer?»

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