Sloane Stephens Reveals Her &Quot;Scalding Hot&Quot; Routine For Better Sleep

Sloane Stephens reveals her «hot» routine for better sleep

Sloane Stephens revealed her nightly routine to remind everyone of the importance of good bedtime habits. «How we end the day is just as important as how we start it! Swipe to see how I unwind from my busy days,» Stephens wrote in the Instagram post.

Scroll down to see Stephens’ routine.

Stephens recently spent a holiday in Iceland

Sloane Stephens spent a few days of her Iceland vacation at the Blue Lagoon Resort, where she posed for photos while swimming in geothermal water.

«Finding peace in the calm,» Stephens captioned the photos. Ayan Broomfield, Tiafoe’s girlfriend, reacted to the photos. «So so pretty,» Ayan commented. See the photos in this article: Sloane Stephens posts steamy bathing suit photos of her on vacation in Iceland.

Jozy Altidore, Stephens’ husband, was also on hand in Iceland to spend time with Sloane. «Taking every moment into account! A much needed reset. We definitely took advantage of all this little retreat had to offer. Self care with family is the best care,» Stephens captioned a clip with Iceland’s Altidore.

The American, former US Open winner, is a well-known campaigner for mental health.

Recently, he inspired his followers who might be affected by seasonal depression. «If you’re like me, you know we’re at that time of year where the seasonal depression starts to take hold. That’s why I wanted to take a moment to raise awareness and remind everyone that you are never alone in this fight!

Seasonal affective disorder is more than just winter blues and while I share my tips for identifying and treating it, what are some of your tips?» Stephens wrote on Instagram.

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