Sinner Bonzi Atp Rotterdam

Sinner comes from behind to beat Bonz in Rotterdam

The Italian tennis player achieves the first important victory of his career in Rotterdam. Sinner had to stay calm to get back from Benjamin Bonzi in three sets (6-2, 3-6, 6-1) after 2h05min of good tennis.

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Jannik Sinner faced the first match corresponding to the new version of the ATP tournament in the city of Rotterdam at the beginning of February 2023. He did it on his debut in the men’s finalwhere he would have to face the French tennis player in the first round Benjamin Bonzi. The Italian came into this tournament after establishing himself as the Montpellier champion in the previous quarterfinals of the Australian Open. For his part, the French tennis player arrived at this match after that goodbye to Montpellier in the first exchange, although earlier in the Australian Open he enjoyed reaching the third round. Indoors against the head there are even two precedents between two tennis players, and they happened in 2020 and 2022. Jannik Sinner would emerge victorious in all of them.

Jannik Sinner puts the first one in his closet

The match started strongly for Jannik Sinner. The Italian player had to have up to four break points to win the first set of the match. That means 11 minutes of intense rallying between the two. After this, the Italian would have three more games. The pipe would quickly try to cut off Benjamin Bonz with great difficulty. A short exchange of blows left the situation 5-2 for Jannik Sinner. Although there was nothing to stop the Italian from ending the first set in his favor.

Benjamin Bonzi binds and forces the machine

At the beginning of the second set, Benjamin Bonzi dominated the early points. At this time, Jannik Sinner would answer. With an empty game, the French would lead again. After this, he added two more games to his locker. Sinner would try to go against the flow, but in the end Benjamin Bonzi favored 6-3, which would give him a chance to tie the game. It all went to the third set.

The sinner wins and convinces

In this third sleeve, Jannik Sinner dominates the original score. The Italian played the first three games of the match. At this moment, Benjamin Bonz would timidly answerYeah. Nothing would stop the Italian who succeeded three games in a row again, which ended the game in their favor. Jannik Sinnero signed his pass for the next round from the tournament in Holland.

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