Serena Williams Falls In Love With Ceo Wearing Her Skirt

Serena Williams falls in love with CEO wearing her skirt

Serena Williams was stunned by the looks of the CEO of EveryStilishGirl, a job posting company that connects black and brown women with opportunities in fashion and media, naming Nana Agyemang when the brand owner tried one of Serena’s creations.

«Wow! I love Nana Agyemang in this Serena skirt,» Williams wrote on Instagram. «Anything for you, Serena Williams. Also, yes, creating the most flattering pieces,» Nana replied on the same social media platform.

Nana Agyemang posted a short video highlighting Serena Williams’ skirt on her Instagram account. The CEO praised the creation in the caption of the video she posted. «Using black-owned brands just hits different.

Many of you have asked about this skirt! It’s designed by @serenawilliams for her brand S by @serena!» Nana Agyemang captioned the video.

Serena opened for Vogue at New York Fashion Week

Serena Williams opened Vogue’s fashion show during New York Fashion Week.

Vogue posted a video of the moment on its Instagram account. «Serena Williams opens Vogue World,» Vogue captioned the short video. You can watch the video here: Serena Williams opens the Vogue show at New York Fashion Week.

Williams released a GOAT collection

Serena Williams’ fashion brand, S by Serena, launched a new clothing collection tagged with the word GOAT (the greatest of all time) before leaving the tennis world’s spotlight at her latest US Open.

«It’s GOAT season,» the S by Serena team wrote on Instagram. The motto of the new collection reads as follows: «Rep the GOAT with exclusive merchandising for the whole family.» You can see what the collection looks like in this article: Serena Williams launches GOAT merch collection ahead of the last US Open.

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