Roger Federer Gets A Moving Standing Ovation From The Nba Crowd

Roger Federer receives a moving standing ovation from the NBA crowd

Roger Federer He may have left tennis, but he is always at the center of the thoughts of fans and athletes, also on the NBA field. 2022 was a very special year for tennis and for its fans and it gave us moments that will go down in history.

Undoubtedly among these is the official retirement of the Swiss Master, who is considered by many to be the best tennis player of all time. Or rather that in any case he is considered among his best, along with his great rivals Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

Roger greeted the crowd in a spectacular setting, facing a doubles match with his friend and rival Rafa Nadal during the Laver Cup exhibition tournament. Several months have passed since that day but Roger continues to make noise.

Overnight, the Swiss attended an NBA game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Boston Celtics. A high-level challenge that saw Jayson Tatum’s team triumph. When the cameras showed Roger’s photo, the whole stadium exploded, here’s the video:

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