Rafael Nadal Shares Congratulatory Message To Us Open Girls' Singles Champion

Rafael Nadal shares a congratulatory message to the US Open women’s singles champion

Rafael Nadal congratulated Alexandra Eala on winning the 2022 US Open women’s singles title. 17-year-old Eala captured her first Grand Slam junior singles title after beating Lucie Havlickova 6-2, 6-4 in the singles final. women’s US Open.

After winning two Grand Slam doubles titles, Eala finally holds a junior Grand Slam singles title. «Speechless. I am so grateful. 2022 US Open Girls Champion,» Eala wrote in a post on Instagram. Eala, who has been training at Nadal’s academy since the age of 12, was congratulated on a record 22-time Grand Slam champion.

«Congratulations on this great achievement and keep up the good and hard work! Let’s go!» Nadal wrote in the comments section.

Nadal suffered his first Grand Slam loss at the US Open

After going undefeated in the first three Grand Slams of the year, Nadal suffered his first Grand Slam loss of the year at the US Open.

In the US Open Round of 16, Frances Tiafoe handed Nadal an upset 6-4, 4-6, 6-4, 6-3 loss. After the match, Nadal was honest and admitted that it was not a good match on his part. «The difference is easy: I played a bad game and he played a good game,» Nadal said.

«In the end that’s all, right? I couldn’t maintain a high level of tennis for a long time. I was not fast enough in my movements. He was able to take the ball too many times too early so I couldn’t push him back.

Yes, tennis is a positional sport many times, isn’t it? If not, you need to be very, very fast and very young. I am no longer at that time. My shots must be better. Somehow my understanding of the game and the quality of my shots weren’t good enough, they were bad, I think I have to say today, because I couldn’t create much on him.

Well done for him. He was better than me.» Nadal is currently at home resting as we probably won’t see him in action until the indoor swing.

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