'Rafael Nadal Has Put The Culmination Of This...', Says Atp Ace

‘Rafael Nadal has put the climax to this…’, says the ATP ace

Rafael Nadal He has had several problems in recent months, thanks to the usual physical problems. After the semifinal reached at Wimbledon 2022, we no longer admired the best version of the Spanish champion. The former world number 1 had hoped to redeem himself in early 2023, but the situation has even worsened.

The Spaniard not only left the scene prematurely at the Australian Open -where he was called up to defend his title-, but also suffered a second degree injury in the ileus-psoas. The 22-time Grand Slam champion has already had to resign from the ATP tournaments in Doha and Dubai, while his presence in Indian Wells and Miami remains uncertain.

The Iberian could decide to keep his physique for the clay court season, which will begin in Monte Carlo. The main target for him is obviously Roland Garros, where he will go hunting for his 15th stamp. In a long interview with ‘MARCA’, Feliciano López -who will retire in 2023 after 26 years on the circuit- highlighted the importance of Nadal for the entire Spanish movement.

Feliciano López pays tribute to Nadal

«Rafael Nadal is one in a million. He is a talented person who was destined to break all the records that have been and will be in the world of tennis. When you have a generation led by Rafa, it is very easy to call him the best generation,» he said. Lopez.

“Before and behind him there have been good players and, above all, different ones. The change comes when Carlos [Moyá] reaches the final of the Australian Open,» Lopez explained. «Spanish tennis players are beginning to believe that they can play well on surfaces other than clay.

Nadal has put the climax to this change of mentality. The success of our generation has been playing on all courts and not being afraid to beat anyone. It is clear that my record is difficult or almost impossible for someone to beat it.

It’s 20 years without fail. But it cannot be put at the height of the 22 titles. The figures that Nadal, Federer and Djokovic manage, and the level at which they have brought tennis, will mark an era,» said López. “I don’t see anyone in the future who can achieve the records of these three players.

It is that they are not only the ‘Grand Slam’, it is everything else. It’s outrageous and that’s why it seems out of the reach of any tennis player who comes in the future.»

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