Rafael Nadal gives an update on Roger Federer’s post-tennis life

Rafael Nadal reveals that he keeps in touch with Roger Federer and says that the Swiss has been enjoying his retirement so far. At the end of September, Federer, 41, brought his illustrious tennis career to a close at the Laver Cup. Before Federer announced his retirement plans to the public, he first called Nadal on the phone so that the Spaniard would know before others about his intentions.

«He is happy, enjoying life, delighted. We talk often. We have a very good relationship and he is doing things. He was in Tokyo and other places. I have talked to him often and well, the truth is that he only has to fix the knee» , Nadal told Diario AS.

Nadal on Federer’s farewell

In the last match of his career, Federer teamed up with Nadal for a doubles match. After it was all over, Federer broke down in tears multiple times as he gave his retirement speech.

Nadal, who created one of the biggest sports rivalries with Federer, also became very emotional and broke down in tears. That moment quickly went viral and many felt it was the perfect example of how much Federer and Nadal are respected and appreciated.

“The moment was his. One of the great icons in sports history was leaving. He moved me a lot because in the end I experienced him as a rival, as a teammate and also as a fan. I am a professional athlete. but I am a big sports fan and I value it a lot.

If someone like Federer leaves, it’s hard not to get emotional. Happy for him because at least he retired playing. It’s something that seemed like it couldn’t be but he got it. I think it was a very nice farewell for him,» Nadal said.

Nadal, who will turn 37 in June, recently became a father for the first time in his life. As he stands now, Nadal plans to play at least one more full season on the ATP Tour.

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