Rafael Nadal And Wife Maria Perello Got Their Names On Perfumes

Rafael Nadal and his wife María Perelló put their names on perfumes


Rafael Nadal and his wife Xisca Maria Perello collaborated with Henry Jacques to create two perfumes personalized to their personalities. Nadal made the association public in Paris. «A week ago…in Paris…we presented this amazing project with @henryjacquesparfums,» Nadal wrote on Instagram.

About Rafael Nadal’s perfume

Nadal opted for his perfume to smell like what he loves.

“Rafael Nadal’s relationship with nature and the earth as a whole is clear: ‘I love the Mediterranean aroma, the citrus, the freshness’. Furthermore, ‘there is nothing like the aroma of the earth after the rain, when the sun sets… .’

”, wrote the Henry Jacques team on Instagram.

«Rafael Nadal enjoys a special relationship with fragrances, they are a true part of his daily life, rituals and a real reflection of his state of mind.⁠ Les Brumes Rafael Nadal N°1 and N°2 available exclusively in all Boutiques HJ,» wrote the company Henry Jacques on Instagram.

About Xisca Maria Perello’s perfume

“For me it is important that my perfume becomes part of my identity, that it is recognizable and that it perfectly matches my personality.

I visualized this fragrance as a feeling of security, self-confidence, uniqueness, strength and wholeness,” Maria Perello told Henry Jacques.

«The fragrance that Maria Perello developed together with the perfumers of Henry Jacques is subtle, with light and fresh notes that are also strong and decisive,» Henry Jacques described on Instagram.

Outside of perfumes, Rafael Nadal recently got a custom cocktail recipe.

New tennis author and social media freelancer Bastien Fachan collaborated with award-winning Parisian bartender Elena Zanon to create 3 custom cocktail recipes for the Big 3: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

«For my book, I teamed up with a decorated Parisian bartender, Elena Zanon, to create three original cocktails based on each of the Big 3 characters. Le Federer, Le Nadal, Le Djokovic. My goal is to sell them to tournaments. and make available worldwide,» Bastien Fachan said on Twitter.

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