Paula Badosa conquers New York

Paula Badosa conquers New York

Sportswear and a magnetic look: Paula Badosa conquers New York
© Paula Badosa Instagram account

Paula Badosa Shared photos from New York Nike headquarters She showed off the clothes signed by the famous sports brand on Instagram. A coordinated outfit, consisting of black trousers and a white sweater, with white shoes of the same brand.

In addition to the beauty of the dress, it should be emphasized the beauty of the strong Spanish tennis player, who conquered New York with her amazing magnetic looks. Here are the pictures:

Badosa and love story with Tsitsipas

Stephanos Tsitsipas and Paula Badosa are involved in their love story.

In social networks, they share photos and videos of themselves together. They do nothing less on the tennis courts: they train together and play together. The Spaniard’s injury complicated the feasibility of the operation, although his presence in the mixed doubles at Wimbledon was secured.

The eye-popping relationship of a young Greek tennis player. In an interview with ESTO, the Australian Open finalist spoke about the love born on the tennis court: “I miss her so much and I talk to her about it every day.

We have a great bond between us. It’s the first time in a long time that we haven’t been together. Now I realize how much I miss her and how much I miss her. If we continue together, this will be the reality. This becomes something that we have to repeat and regularize in our lives.

I’m getting used to it. There will be more days like this and we are ready. We are mentally prepared for this. Paula has changed my life so much, she has brought a bright light and I hope the same for her. Paula inspires me to be the best version of myself, she is a very positive, guiding person.

No one is going to come into your life and make you win everything all of a sudden. I don’t believe. Being with the right person means pushing each other to make the most of their personalities and abilities.»

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