Jannik Sinner shared what is his team's true strength

Jannik Sinner shared what is his team’s true strength

Jannik Sinner shared the team’s true strength.
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Janic Sinner It is ready to play US Open 2023. His first match at the last Grand Slam of the year is just days away and the Italian tennis player is among the favorites to win the title. There will be plenty of pressure on Sinner, the No. 6 seed, heading into the US Open, especially after winning his first ATP Masters 1000 title in Toronto.

Sinner will face Hanfman in the first round, but the wait is for a hypothetical quarterfinal against Carlos Alcaraz.. In an interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica, the 22-year-old Italian talked about his past, present and future.

Jannik Sinner on teamwork: «It’s our strength.»

As of right now, Sinner said he feels good and is ready to play. «Now I’m in great physical shape, we’ll work a lot until the weekend and then the most exciting thing is to play the tournament.

We’ve done a lot on the service, but we’re changing two, three other small things. But now the most important thing is to work hard with quality and quantity. Then of course I’m number six in the world and that’s a great result.

Simone Vagnozzi is excellent in the tactical and technical part of shooting. The more experienced Darren Cahill can speak well before big games, making you feel comfortable. But they both get along very well.» The Italian went on to talk about the importance of teamwork: «You can’t help it when you’re young, no.

Because they think and listen to other things entirely. I was good at listening, I still do very well. I listen to technical advice and try to do them immediately. Maybe it led me to where I am now. Of course, even otherwise, things have changed a bit now.

When I don’t understand something, there is more conflict than there is something. There is a comparison to find the right solution. Now we’re all on the same page, we’re a team: the physio, the trainer, Darren and Simon.

When we have something to discuss, we all talk together and do everything together: this is our strength, the secret of the team.

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