Aryna Sabaleka Is Enchanting, Between Tequila And Transparent Shirts!

Aryna Sabaleka is enchanting, between tequila and transparent shirts!

Arina Sabaleka is amazing between tequila and transparent shirts!
© Aryna Sabalenka Instagram account

Arina Sabaleka He participated in an event with the American Taylor FritzWhere she took some truly irresistible photos. The two tennis players got involved in a tequila event and Sabalenka died in some sensational shots.

Arina wore a very nice top for the event, which revealed her underwear. Here are the pictures:

The controversy of Arina Sabalenka in Cincinnati

Aryna Sabalenka advances to WTA 1000 semi-finals in Cincinnati

The Belarusian overcame a tricky opponent like Tunisia’s Ons Jaber in two sets, winning 7-5 6-3. Sabalenka lost to Karolina Muchova in the semifinals.. However, after his quarterfinal match win over Jaber, Arena made some controversial statements on the tournament schedule, among other topics.
She explained: “I’m really happy to reach the semi-finals and get such an important win.

At the same time, I feel sorry for Ons, I hope she recovers as soon as possible and is ready to come to the US Open. And in the second set I started to serve better, then 3-1 down she had a problem, I don’t even understand what it was but it was obvious.

Sometimes one talks about these moves as a way to distract the opponent, but Ons couldn’t move very well anymore and it was very obvious. In practice, the game is over early. How did the first set go? I was a little out of step with the process, the courts here are not very conducive to good service and each of us is struggling to maintain her service.

I spent the whole match looking for my first, things were better in the last and I hope to keep my good pace in the semi-finals. Differences compared to Montreal? A lot of tennis players have talked about the difficulty and in the end compared to Canada they are two completely different sides.

Montreal is very fast, not here and the ball goes very high. It takes time to adjust, especially if you end up in Montreal all the way. The semi-final situation? Everyone complained about the program in Montreal and the same thing is happening here.

I understand that people want to see Alcaraz, but they put me in the last match and I finished so late that they forgot that I have a game tomorrow. This is the main thing that worries me.

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