Genie Bouchard Wants To Destroy You With New Super Sensual Shots!

Genie Bouchard wants to destroy you with new super sensual shots!

Genie Bouchard wants to destroy you with new super sensual pictures!
© Eugenie Bouchard Instagram account

«I also did McKerna with Gabby, who was guiding me. I was actually watching her, because I wasn’t even sure how I was going to do it. She, like, that’s what happens when you play tennis for 20 years. You don’t learn other skills!

It was a lot of fun. These girls are very fun to be with, and we all trust each other and can relax. When I walked into the locker room this morning, everyone was in a good mood and everyone was very relaxed. I was actually a bit surprised.

It was the last day. I love the atmosphere of this team, and it gives me a lot of confidence in the girls playing today.» With these kind words, Eugenie Bouchard joked with reporters at the victory celebration of Italy’s victory over Italy in the Billie Jean King final in Canada.

For the beautiful Canadian tennis player, the season ended with this outstanding achievement, perhaps the most important result of her career. Now it’s time for her vacation, as evidenced by the amazing vacation photos shared on her Instagram account.

Genie Bouchard decided to break her fans with new amazing shots!

In the first series of photos, Ginny is seen lying comfortably on a bed in a sensual red and pink bathing suit, showing herself in a very sensual pose.

The beautiful Canadian is located in what looks like a fantastic resort lost in some exotic location. In the background you can see palm trees, plants and blue sky. In the second of a series of Instagram posts, Bouchard wore a very short silver mini dress with a beige bag.

She is on the beach (same place as the previous photos?), at night, facing the photographer. «These are the days we live for,» the Canadian beauty wrote in her Instagram post.

She wowed her followers with her sensual evening outfit which you can see below:

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