Paolo Bertolucci Defends Lorenzo Musetti From Harsh Criticism

Paolo Bertolucci defends Lorenzo Musetti from harsh criticism

The young Italian talent lorenzo musetti represents one of the great hopes of NextGen and especially of Italian tennis. The growth of the twenty-something from Carrara is evident for all to see and in a short time Lorenzo reached the Top 20 and the Best Ranking of number 18 in the world.

Italian tennis legend Paolo Bertolucci commented on Lorenzo’s moment on Twitter and he had a pretty clear judgement. First of all, Paolo tweeted the following message overnight: «The negative moment of Lorenzo Musetti continues.

A clear message and without other particular comments with several users who wanted to comment and chat to ask for clarification on the critical moment of the Italian. Several comments about it and Bertolucci spoke like this trying to explain the crisis of blue: «It’s impossible to condense everything on Twitter, but three first-round knockouts in a row isn’t discontinuity to me.A harsh criticism that underlines how Lorenzo is in great trouble and is looking for a reaction.

Now Musetti will change the surface and try to react in the coming weeks at the ATP tournaments in Indian Wells and Miami, 1000 very important for the Italian ranking.

Lorenzo Musetti had ups and downs during his career

During his career Lorenzo has alternated ups and downs (as it should be at his age) achieving great victories and alternating them with great defeats.

Musetti is going through a difficult moment that has seen him starring throughout the South American tour. In recent weeks Lorenzo has played the tournaments in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Santiago de Chile and they have all ended with the same result.

A defeat in the first round, many times against rivals well below, at least on paper and in terms of ranking, the young blue. Musetti was the number one seed in Santiago, there were also chances given an irresistible draw to win the tournament but the blues fell inexorably and lost in the first round against world number 66 Jaume Munar, a not irresistible rival.

Double 6-4 and a game really without history except for some hesitation from the Asturian in the final phase of the game.

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