Patrick Mouratoglou: Novak Djokovic'S Meltdown After Ao Final Win Spoke Loudly

Novak Djokovic’s collapse after AO final win spoke loudly

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou believes Novak Djokovic’s celebration said it all after the Serb’s Australian Open victory. Moments after capturing a record tenth Australian Open, Djokovic went to his team and unleashed it all.

That moment quickly went viral as it was apparent how important and special it was for Djokovic to finish victorious. «Before Australian swing, the biggest challenge for Novak was dealing with the emotions that came back a year after the drama and performing in that environment.

His collapse after the victory in the final spoke loudly. Challenge completed,» Mouratoglou wrote on Twitter.

Djokovic explained his celebration

In his press conference, Djokovic was asked about his celebration. Djokovic responded by admitting that he felt «great pride and satisfaction» after winning it all 12 months after the Australian visa saga.

“I feel enormous pride and satisfaction. When I entered my box, I broke down emotionally and cried as I hugged my mother and brother. Up until that point, I wasn’t allowed to be distracted by anything off the pitch or my injury.

It required a lot of mental energy to stay focused and present and see how far I could go. Two and a half weeks ago, I didn’t like my chances of making it to the tournament with my leg injury. It was a matter of surviving each match and making it to the next round.

From the fourth round onwards, the injury didn’t bother me as much and I played my best tennis,» Djokovic said after winning the Australian Open. For Djokovic, it was a double pleasure. Djokovic returned to Australia by winning the Australian Open. and also tied Rafael Nadal on the list of all-time Grand Slam records with 22 Grand Slams.

Djokovic is now fully back in the race for the most Grand Slams in tennis history. Djokovic’s next big goal will be to win the French Open. Djokovic has two French Open titles in his collection and will no doubt go to any lengths to prevent Nadal from defending his French Open title.

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