'Novak Djokovic Is My Favorite Because The Way...', Says Legend

‘Novak Djokovic is my favorite because the form…’, says the caption

Novak Djokovic experienced a very special 2022 for a tennis player. The Serbian champion paid the consequences of his choice not to have the Covid-19 vaccine and this situation forced him to skip several tournaments.

In this year, Nole was forced to skip the entire Australian and American circuit, a situation that prevented him from competing in the Australian Open and the US Open, tournaments that would undoubtedly have seen him as the main favorite.

Especially before the Australian Open, Nole experienced really difficult moments with the Serbian champion who first entered the country and then was forced to return to Europe as a recluse. Nole has played few tournaments, only half of the Grand Slam tournaments, a situation that slowed down his physical condition but did not prevent him from winning the Wimbledon tournament.

Right now the Balkan tennis player is chasing Rafael Nadal, in the challenge for the tennis player who has won the most Slams in history: Rafa is first with 22 Slams and Nole is chasing 21, certainly at a disadvantage due to this difficult situation.

Not everyone appreciated the treatment of Novak Djokovic and, in fact, more and more people considered this ruthlessness against the tennis player to be exaggerated. Commentator James Melville tweeted about Novak Djokovic’s situation, referring to words he too repeatedly reported during his BBC interviews.

Melville tweeted: «We live in a world upside down, he has been discriminated against and defamed» Melville referred to Nole’s words, recent statements in which the Serb reiterated that he does not regret his choices and that decisions about his body are more important than yours. any title.

Tyson on his passion for Djokovic

Speaking on the ‘Advantage Connors’ podcast recently, boxing legend Mike Tyson was asked about the players he followed on tour. «Novak Djokovic, definitely, and Federer.

Speaking of Djokovic, he came back from all those injuries,» Tyson said. «You know, I love Djokovic personally, but I’m just a big fan of Federer. When he was at his best, he was always moving in the air. He is smooth.

He is very smooth. Nadal was everywhere. He is a great player, but he doesn’t look very good playing. Federer is smooth and very elegant. Novak Djokovic is my favorite right now. If he’s okay, I really like watching him.

He’s my favorite because the way he bounced back from injury and beat guys like Nadal and Federer is unbelievable. He is a true fighter,” Tyson said.

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