Carlos Alcaraz: &Quot;Novak Djokovic Is Like A God&Quot;

«Novak Djokovic is like a God»

Carlos Alcaraz lost the first position of the ATP ranking after Novak Djokovic’s victory at the Australian Open, but the Spanish champion dedicated some nice words to his Serbian colleague. From home, Alcaraz saw the final at Melbourne Park and the triumph of Novak Djokovic, praised by the last US Open champion.

Alcaraz explained during an interview with the ATP: «He has no weaknesses. every take is amazing. His physical condition is amazing, his mental condition is amazing. He is like a God and I admire him for how throughout the years we have always remained at the same levelstaying at the top.

It’s very, very difficult and I admire it.» A first position that the Spanish tennis player, however, wants to recover as soon as possible: «I spent a long time as number one in the world. Now it is a goal for me to recover number 1 and try to do my best in these tournaments to return to that position. Is my objetive».

«Novak Djokovic is a God», said the best ace in the ATP.

Back on the tour, in Buenos Aires, Carlos Alcaraz also explained to the local media the difficulty of watching the final played at the Rod Laver Arena with helplessness: «It was hard to lose Australia. It was hard to watch it on television and see Djokovic» . take away my number one spot.

It was clear to me that sooner or later they would take first place from me, I knew it would be difficult to keep it forever. Now the goal is to get it back as soon as possible. I saw the end. Novak’s level was very, very high and it was very difficult to beat him». Australian Open final with a double tour: trophy and first place in the ranking.

This is how the two finalists of the Slam tournament played it, Djokovic and Stefano Tsitsipas, with the Belgrade tennis player triumphing over the Greek in three sets. Victory that returns him to the top of the ranking and pushes him towards Steffi Graf’s absolute record.

First place was taken from Alcaraz, absent from the Australian Open due to an injury suffered shortly before the start of the game away from Australia.

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