'Novak Djokovic Has To Live With The Consequences', Says Expert

‘Novak Djokovic has to live with the consequences,’ says expert

On Wednesday, the US Open released the entry list for this year’s edition of the tournament. The US Open organizers suggested in a statement that they do not plan to push for a special medical exemption given to Novak Djokovic.

«In accordance with ITF Grand Slam regulations, all eligible players are automatically entered into the men’s and women’s singles main draws based on their ranking 42 days prior to the first Monday of the event. The US Open does not have a mandate of vaccination for players, but will respect the position of the United States government regarding travel to the country by unvaccinated non-US citizens,” the US Open said in a statement.

When Djokovic was asked about US vaccination laws, he was very calm. «I’m a professional tennis player, I don’t get into politics or anything because that doesn’t interest me,» he said. «I have my position and I am in favor of the freedom to choose what suits you best.

I respect everything and everyone, and I hope that people at least respect my decision. If I have permission, I will be there. if I don’t have it, I won’t be; It’s not the end of the world».

Djokovic won Wimbledon this year

Doubts about Novak Djokovic’s participation in the US Open are due to travel restrictions.

«It’s a tough year for Djokovic,» Schett said. “You can see it this way and you can see it another way as a tennis player. It’s horrible because I keep thinking that if he went to the US Open, he could play now, he’s the favorite for me to win the title.

I have absolutely no doubt about it because, to me, he is the best tennis player, the most consistent tennis player out there. But then, on the other hand, he chose not to get vaccinated, and that’s fine, but then he has to live with the consequences as well, that he can’t enter certain countries.»

Notably, last year the total prize money was around $57.5 million. This year, they’ve bumped it up to $60 million, which will be huge for players, particularly qualifiers and first-round players. According to the official US Open website, players who lose in the first round will receive around $80,000.

Additionally, the round of 64 players will receive $121,000, which has increased massively since the 2016 season. Meanwhile, the US Open winner will get $2,600,000 and the runner-up will receive $1,300,000.

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