Nick Kyrgios Attacks His Haters: &Quot;You'Re Ridiculous&Quot;

Nick Kyrgios attacks his haters: «You’re ridiculous»

Nick Kyrgios once again demands an apology from all the people who harshly criticize him for what he does in the world of tennis. The Australian has recently returned to debate with critics on his social profiles, relaunching the importance of his figure in sport as well.

The Australian tennis player has always divided public opinion due to the very harsh attitudes he has shown on the pitch over the years and the statements made in different press conferences against his rivals. His character has not often helped him win the battles that matter and always express all the talent he can rely on at every prestigious event on the ATP Tour.

In 2022, however, the Canberra native raised his prices with excellent performances and a concentration on the pitch never before shown. Many rivals have not been able to stand up to him and the 27-year-old has thus achieved very satisfactory results, such as the Wimbledon final and winning titles.

Nick also showed himself in some challenges with Stefanos Tsitsipas and the then number one Daniil Medvedev, in which he again showed his full potential.

Nick Kyrgios attacks his haters: «You’re ridiculous»

Netflix recently announced that the first five episodes of the Break Point series, dedicated entirely to the world of tennis and the lives of the protagonists, will be available in mid-January.

Among these was Nick Kyrgios himself involved in the Australian Open, which he won in doubles. In this regard, the player expressed some considerations on Twitter: «So after all this, after all the media write how bad I am for the sport, disrespecting the game, I’ll be in episode number one on Netflix to do grow our fan base.» , basically trying to attract other people to tennis.

Basically, we put more money in the pockets of everyone involved in tennis. You guys look really ridiculous now. Your apology should be as strong as your disrespect.»

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