Murray Terminar Cuatro Horas Ideal

Murray: «Within four hours is not ideal»

The British tennis player spoke at the post-match press conference. Andy Murray was very pleased with his epic comeback in the second round of the 2023 Australian Open. Therefore, he told the media about the greatness of his performance, although he left a message for the organization regarding the excessive length of the race. match.

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Andy Murray achieves one of the most majestic victories of his professional career on the ATP circuit. His major tournaments in the 2023 season have an impeccable trajectory Inside the Australian Open. In the press conference after the match, the Scottish player showed himself very happy with how everything was forged during the accident. He also pointed out the confusion caused by extending the game into the wee hours, which benefited no one from this decision.

very happy with your match

«Yeah, I mean, it was by far the longest game I’ve played. The conditions you play in are cold at that time of day. With balls like that, you get long rallies and long points.»

Good feelings were found on the track

– I actually felt physically better today on the field than the other day, which is positive. But yes, finishing in four hours is not ideal.

Lots of emotions as the match progresses

– The game was clearly top to bottom. There was frustration, excitement, emotions… All those things. Of course it’s great to finally win the game, but I also want to go to bed now. That’s great, but I want to sleep.»

He doesn’t understand that matches can be extended so much

«I don’t know who benefits in a game like this. Surprisingly, people stayed until the end, I really appreciate people who do that by setting the mood for us at the end. I really appreciate it, even though some people have to work the next day and everything.»

You believe that no one in the organization will benefit

«It’s not helpful for the referees or the referees. I don’t think it’s surprising for the fans and it’s not good for the players either.

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