Mats Wilander Weighs In On Novak Djokovic'S Ranking Situation

Mats Wilander weighs in on Novak Djokovic’s ranking situation

Eurosport tennis expert Mats Wilander acknowledged that certain circumstances played a role in Novak Djokovic losing his top spot, but also added that Carlos Alcaraz is not undeservedly ranked world number 1. Djokovic, 35, missed two Grand Slams and four Masters in 2022.

Furthermore, Djokovic successfully defended his Wimbledon title, but still lost 2,000 points after the ATP sanctioned Wimbledon by removing ranking points from this year’s tournament. At the US Open, Alcaraz lifted his first Grand Slam title and also became the youngest No. 1 in tennis history.

Rafael Nadal, who finished the 2022 season ranked No. 2, also dealt with injuries this year and played a total of four tournaments after Wimbledon.

Wilander on the situation in Djokovic’s ranking

Yes, circumstances have stolen the number one spot in the world.

But I think again we have to start thinking, why does it have to be important to be number one in the world at the end of the year? Novak is clearly world number one for a few months in 2022 and Rafa Nadal was number one for another few months in 2022.

And Carlos Alcaraz was number one for other reasons. The [Alcaraz] he was number one in terms of the excitement he brought and then he was able to deal with the pressure he brought on himself and won the US Open, where he had to win to be No.

1 in the world. So I think it deserves to be number one. So Novak and Rafa weren’t there consistently throughout the year, but most of that has to do with Novak’s situation of not being able to play and Rafa, with his situation of not being able to play. [through injury].

So I think everything is fair,» Wilander told Eurosport. When Djokovic was asked if Alcaraz would finish as the year-end No. 1, the Serb said the 19-year-old deserved such an achievement.

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