Delbonis Struff Challenger Canberra

Losses to Delbonis and Olivier

Both Argentines have said goodbye soon in Canberra and Noumea. Delbonis fell to Struff and Olivieri Statham.

Delbonis beat Struff (3-6, 6-4, 0-6)

In Canberra Federico Delbonis started from the front Struff, more than a complicated match, and the German already showed at the end of 2022 that he has confidence in his tennis again. In the three previous meetings, two wins for Struff and one save for Federico.

Things started more successfully and quickly got to 2-0. Instead, Federico reacted, and after three consecutive games, he turned it around to make it 3-2. From that moment on, Jan Lenard dominated again and his deep shots and winning shots started to do a lot of damage to the Argentine. In the end, 6-3 took the first set.

Many other options were the second part. Delbonis got the set on track from the first minutes and escaped until it was 2-0. From that moment on, neither of them had a single break point, so Delbonis ended up 6-4. The last series had no color. Struff brought out his best version against a disintegrating Delbon. With a powerful 6-0, the German ended up sealing the victory and moving on to the next round.

Olivieri no puede with Statham (3-6, 4-6)

Genaro Olivieri It started in Noumea. The Argentinian, a pure countryman, was going to try to establish himself on the Challenger circuit this year. He started his adventure in Noumea Challenger against the New Zealander Statham, a player who on this surface and on the Australian tour gets the best results of the season.

Statham He started by commanding the scoreboard and was also the one with the best emotions. He quickly escaped to 4-2. Olivier still had many problems with his serve against a player who pressured him over and over again. In the eighth game, Statham had a set point but failed to close out the first round. In the end, a 6-3 white victory in the ninth game sealed the first quarter.

Olivieri was more active and had the clearest ideas in the second quarter. He had four break points to others in his first turn, but he didn’t capitalize on any of them. On the other hand, Statham was once again more effective and got a break in the third game to start getting the win on track. Olivieri eventually ended up paying for his ineffectiveness in important points and said goodbye to the first round of the Challenger in Noumea 6-4.

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