Keys Blinkova Open Australia

Keys beats Blinkova in Australia

Madison Keys won her Australian Open first round debut by defeating Anna Blinkova 6-4, 3-6, 6-2 in a two-hour match.

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American player Madison Keys He was returning to one of those places where he rediscovered his great level of tennis. His 2023 season was off to a great start as he was a very important part of the US United Cup title winning all five games played. He was in front of a Anna Blinkova who was coming off a recent loss to Lauren Davis in the final in Hobart. It was the second time they met Madison, with the balance tipped in their favor after winning the 2019 Grand Slam on clay.

There are a lot of doubts about the services

It was the Russian who started to dominate very clearly due to the many mistakes of the American player. Keys lost her first three serves but had picked up a break at times. Therefore, after Anna was 4-1 in her favor, the world number 13 won all remaining games of this first quarter. Many turns and irregularities from two players.

However, Blinkova continued to gain strength in her fight and in the second she also got a chance to take the lead. He stood on a double break and it was 5-2, the rest of the games were forged for others. In the third, there was an actual snooze battle, where the Russian did not take turns in service and the first five games were decided by others. After, Keys took hers with great difficulty, ending up in a dramatic match against Blinkova at the Australian Open in terms of serves.

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