Cerúndolo Andújar Atp Córdoba

Juanma Cerúndolo advances in Córdoba after Andújar’s withdrawal

Juan Manuel Cerúndolo manages to take the first step in the tournament after the withdrawal of the Spaniard Pablo Andújar (6-4, 1-0, ret.) from the first round of the ATP 250 series in Córdoba. Juanma will face Diego Schwartzman as the runner-up.

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It was time for the best match of the first day of the Córdoba Open. John Manuel definitely He was returning to a very special place in his career where he surprised the tennis world by winning his first ATP title in 2021. After several injuries, Juanma returned to compete at 100% this season and won two Challenger tournaments. tiger. For him Pablo Andujar He wanted to surprise what will be his last South American Brick Dust Tour, a stage of the year that he has always participated in, by deciding to retire at the end of this year in 2023.

Juanma, another in Córdoba

A very tight match from the start, logically, with two players specializing in the surface, who invest in always playing one more ball. Andújar started the gap and took the lead on the scoreboard. Juanma recovered a few minutes from the break, but the Spaniard was immediately back in front, in a duel that did not find regularity. Little by little, Pablo’s level began to drop, and the Argentine took the opportunity to turn the tide. After putting two more breaks on the course and now yes, holding his serve, Cerúndolo won the first set 6-4.

After a favorable new start for Juanma Andújar made the decision to withdraw from the match due to continued discomfort in his right shoulder. In this way, the Argentinian will face Diego Schwartzman in the second round, with the curiosity that both share their coach Juan Ignacio Chela. Cerúndolo unknowingly continues the defeat in Córdoba.

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