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Jordan Thompson leaves Gwangju as champion

The Australian final ended with the victory of Jordan Thompson in two sets against his countryman Max Purcell (6-3, 6-2).

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Gwangju hosted the final of the Challenger tournament played on Korean soil and did so with 100% Australian representation. Max Purcell and Jordan Thompson were responsible for ending the tournament. They did it in the final, where Thompson was clearly superior to his rival from the first point. so he got the second Challenger title of the season after the one achieved in Rome at the beginning of the year.

Thompson lays down his law

Purcell and Thompson faced each other in a very even final and a duel of styles, where the solidity of the base won as the usual tonic. A match that started with the nerves of the final. Thompson started by reaching the break, to which Purcell responded shortly after, although the experienced 29-year-old eventually ended up taking the first set 6-3 thanks to a service outage in the closing stages of the first set. That way, Thompson was just one round away from the title.

The second act began as Thompson maintained his level and broke Purcell’s serve twice in the first games of the set. there made it clear that his solidity and consistency from the bottom of the lane paid off against a rival who disappeared fight. Max couldn’t find a way to reconnect with the series. The games continued and Thompson limited himself to maintaining the advantage he had gained, finally ending the match on the fast track with a crisp 6-2 in the deciding set.

Another Challenger title for Jordan Thompson which makes it clear that in these small tournaments he is a player who always brings out his consistency and good work against his opponents.

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