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Jenson Brooksby, had surgery on his left wrist

The American tennis player, currently ranked 49th in the world, underwent an arthroscopy on his left wrist in California on Tuesday, which will keep him out for 10 to 12 weeks.

bad news Jenson Brooksby. A left wrist injury that he had been nursing for the past few years -from time of year and the situation had worsened since last month Decemberthey have forced him into surgery to repair a damaged tendon that dislocated 100%.

Last Tuesday, the American tennis player underwent an arthroscopy of the mentioned wrist, which was successfully performed by Dr. Steven Shinand it will keep you off the slopes for the next few 10 or 12 a week. In statements collected on official websites ATPnumber 49 The world understood that he first opted for conservative treatment that didn’t work, and that he hopes to come back stronger than ever, using this time off to improve other aspects of his game.

Surgery as a last resort

«I knew it was pretty serious and I would have to miss some time. I tried to follow the conservative path but to no avail. I was still in a lot of pain and this was the last option so this is what I have to do now«.

Good start to the season due to injuries

January It looked very good for the North American player who achieved very good results in the only two events he has been able to play in so far. In Auckland reached the semi-finals, losing to Great Britain’s Cameron Norrie when Open Australia he made it to the third round, but not before knocking out another draw, Norway’s Casper Ruud.

«It’s always hard to get over an injury like this.. Otherwise, I think I’ve had a good early season. I had started to toughen up and had a good level which I showed there. It wasn’t easy, but that’s how competitive I am. When I was in the tournament, I just wanted to do my best and watch after that«.

glass half full

Back in Melbourne, Brooksby visited Dr. Shin Angels. then he went Florida, where he trained and saw another doctor a couple of times before being told that surgery was the best course of action. After that, the American returned California for surgery with the aforementioned Dr. Shin.

«Of course, choosing the latter option is not pretty. But it seems to be the only way to see it It’s a glass half full. I have to focus on the things I can control at the moment, which is finding a good coach and a good team around me and improving certain areas of my body, footwork and things like that. When my wrist is healthy and I’m ready to get back on the slopes, everything else has gone a long way. That’s where it is just feel the wrist in my tennis«.

Time to devote to other things

«I take this opportunity to step aside a little, mentally reset myself and improve as much as possible«.

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