Jarry Varillas Atp Santiago

Jarry made his debut with a win in Chile against Varilla

The Chilean tennis player achieves his first major victory on his journey through Santiago. Jarry manages to maintain his position as host and defeats Juan Pablo Varillas in straight sets (7-6(1), 6-4) after 1h58 minutes of good tennis.

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Juan Pablo Varillas faced the first match corresponding to the new ATP tournament in the city of Santiago this February 2023. He did it on his debut in the men’s finalwhere he would have to face the Chilean tennis player in the first round Nicholas Jarry. The Peruvian player came into this match after losing in the second round of the Rio Open. For his part, the native of Chile came to this match after reaching the quarterfinals of the tournament in Brazil. Indoors against the head There are a total of six precedents between the tennis player and they occurred between 2015 and 2022. The opportunities are distributed so that each player has three.

Nicolás Jarry begins to command with suffering

The match started strongly for Nicolás Jarry. At the moment, Juan Pablo Varillas would tie the game. After this, he would manage to win two games in a row against Jarry, immediately makes the same rods. Equality after this was the maximum, so both players agreed to go to a draw. At this point, the host player took the first set.

The host does not disappoint in his debut

At the start of the second period, Juan Pablo Varillas began to dominate the initial score. At this moment, Nicolás Jarry would make the draw, one after this after a long change of games. Finally, and with three games to his credit, Nicolás Jarry finally takes the advantage of the match. This confirmed his entry to the next round of the tournament in Chile, where he got in front of his people a good version of tennis after him. last irregular parts at the beginning of this year 2023.

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