Carlos Alcaraz: 'I Have No Fear No Matter Who My Opponent Is'

‘I’m not afraid no matter who my opponent is’

Coach Juan Carlos Ferrero suggests that Carlos AlcarazThe main objective for now will be to stay healthy and work to return to his best tennis as soon as possible. Alcaraz, 19, suffered a leg injury in pre-season and was forced to miss the Australian Open.

Meanwhile, Alcaraz lost the world number 1 in favor of Novak Djokovic, who won the Australian Open. As Alcaraz prepares to kick off his 2023 season at this week’s ATP 250 in Buenos Aires, Ferrero admitted that Alcaraz thinks of the number 1, but stressed that the 19-year-old is not obsessed with him.

“He always has the goal of being number 1 in his head, but, naturally, it is not an obsession, due to his youth and because he has already been there. Right now what Carlos wants is to be healthy and be able to compete, he wants to show his best level and fight to win tournaments,» Ferrero told Eurosport Spain.

Last year, Alcaraz wrote tennis history by becoming the youngest number 1 in tennis history, as well as the youngest number 1 of the year. In Buenos Aires, Alcaraz admitted that becoming a Grand Slam champion and reaching world number 1 at the age of 19 surprised him positively.

In addition, Alcaraz stressed that now he needs to continue adding hours in the gym and on the training field. “I am sure that I have to keep improving. Reaching my dream very quickly took me by surprise, so to speak. Now I got used to it, I have a goal, I know where I want to go, what I want to be, and that’s the most important thing,» Alcaraz said, according to the ATP website.

Carlos Alcaraz is a true champion

Questioned by the Argentine newspaper La Nación, Carlos Alcaraz has not changed his language elements. As he forcefully states, he is not afraid of anyone and that is somewhere what constitutes his main mental quality.

“I am not afraid, no matter who my opponent is. It was essential to achieve what I have already achieved. I always took it for granted to play against the best. This ambition made me who I am today and I know that in any situation I can count on my courage to achieve feats.

After a long period of absence, Carlos has not played since Bercy, the Spaniard is making his big comeback in 2023 in Buenos Aires, an ATP250, where he is seeded 1. He will face Serbian Djere who dominated Fognini.

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