Tsitsipas Feliz Jugado Final

«I’m happy to play another Grand Slam final»

The Greek tennis player spoke at the press conference after the match. Stefanos Tsitsipas was very satisfied with his great performance, even though he lost in the final of the Australian Open 2023. Therefore, he also mentioned to the media the efforts he has left in the season and his tireless fight to be the world leader in tennis.

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Stefanos Tsitsipas got to make another flawless grand slam, as he was able to enjoy another finale in his career. At the press conference, the Greek player was very happy with his participation in the large crowd of the ocean nation. He also admitted his nerves when he saw the competitor in front of him.

Always in high demand from Djokovic

«Novak is a player who pushes you to the limit. I don’t see this as a curse… I don’t find this annoying. This is very good for the sport to have competitors like him and champions like him.»

Some nerves that take their toll

«I struggled to control my serve in the beginning, which was noticeable. I wouldn’t say I was nervous. In fact, I was excited to get on the field, I have a chance to fight for number one, but I definitely have things I can improve on and I don’t think today’s loss has any reason to affect me. It’s a step forward.»

Motivation for the rest of the season

«I really want to score more points this season, get better results and fight for bigger trophies. I’m happy to play another Grand Slam final. Of course, I dreamed of the trophy, lifting that trophy. I even had a dream last night in my dreams. The desire is really there. I love him very much. But just dreaming about it won’t do it. You have to act. You have to do something there. You need to be present more and do better«.

Just think what will happen to him in the next few years

«I only think about the future. I think forward and not backward. Losing the finals is definitely not the best feeling in the world. Sometimes, they say, it can be easier to take a loss in the semifinals because you’re not dealing with the spotlight of the final.But it’s definitely better to play in the final.»

In constant search for improvements

«I want to maximize what I do in my profession. Number one is in my mind. It’s not easy, I know. I have to work harder to make it happen and I think it’s time for me to pursue something like this. He sees no reason to lower my expectations or my goals. I was born a champion. I feel it in my blood. I know him as the competitive kid he was when he was young. It’s something that’s inside of me.»

Carry on as you experienced on the Australian tour

«Now I want to fix it, make it bloom, make it even stronger and work hard to achieve these goals.»

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