Iga Swiatek Reveals Lesson She Is Trying To Take Away From Serena Williams

Iga Swiatek reveals the lesson she’s trying to take away from Serena Williams

Iga Swiatek says Serena Williams showed everyone «how to intimidate being No. 1» and that’s the lesson she’s trying to learn from the 23-time Grand Slam champion. For two decades, Williams was a dominant force in the game and some players admitted that she was so afraid of the American that they feared losing the match without winning a game.

Now, Swiatek is considered the best player in women’s football, as the Pole went 37 consecutive games without losing this year. «She’s still pretty surreal when I see her. I still feel like I’m just a kid watching.»

I watched her all my life. Basically, she was everywhere because she always won and was somewhere in the semis or finals. But mentally, she’s the one who’s going to show you how to use your position and how to intimidate being No.

1. I’m trying to do that,» Swiatek said, via Sportskeeda.

Swiatek: Williams showed us how to do everything

In addition to being the greatest of all time in tennis, Williams has also been successful in business and has also shown that it is possible to be a mother and be successful in the game.

«She’s a great example, for sure. Especially with the way she manages to have a business and play at the same time or be a mother and play at the same time. It’s just amazing. Not that many athletes have done that.» .

I think it’s great that we have someone like that in our sport who cleared the way and showed us that anything can be done. The sky is the limit,” he said. Meanwhile, Swiatek prepares to kick off his US Open campaign.

In the first round of the US Open, Swiatek plays Jasmine Paolini. Swiatek is just 2-2 on hard this summer, but she is still considered the top seed for the US Open title.

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