Alcaraz Pensar Campeón Defensor

«I try not to think that I’m the defending champion»

Carlos Alcaraz held a press conference after his unbeaten debut at the Miami Open against Argentina’s Facundo Bagnis. Murcian referred to his arrival as defending champions and his evolution over the last season.

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Carlos Alcaraz He started this Miami Open in the best possible way, dropping just two games to win against Argentina’s Facundo Bagnis. Murcian has been in superb form since returning from injury, winning titles in Buenos Aires and Indian Wells and the final in Rio de Janeiro in the only three games he has played.

Miami is the defending champion

«It’s different coming back here as the defending champion.. When I said last year here that I was ready to win a Grand Slam, I wasn’t wrong. Now I’m going to say the same thing, so I win another Grand Slam. It’s great to play here. I would say playing the first round is no different than last year. The only difference is that now I’m playing center field and last year I wasn’t.. That’s probably the only difference.»

Treat it like a new tournament

«I’m looking at this weight as a new tournament. I’m trying not to think about defending the title. I try not to think that I won last year. I always say the same thing, I arrive at a new tournament and for me it is a new tournament. It’s day by day, round by round, and I try to play my best every day, I also try to enjoy every game. That’s my only goal and the only thoughts in my head every game.

It’s important to be professional off the field

«I’ve said that I had to take care of myself, a little more off the field, paying attention to going to bed early, getting better rest, eating well and taking care of myself off the field. That’s the most important thing for me. I would say he wasn’t as well as he wanted to be. After the injury in January, I started to get better on the field.«.

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