Pat Perez: I Don’t Care. I’m Paid. I Don’t Give A Damn

I don’t mind. i’m paid i don’t give a fuck

pat perez and his 4 Aces team won the trophy at Trump National Doral Miami. Many didn’t believe that Perez and his team would win, but it’s a great feeling when you convince people otherwise. «All the rejection, all the negative feedback, everything that we’ve received, I don’t really care at this point.

I mean, I don’t care. I’m paid. I don’t give a damn,” Pérez said. “My team played amazing this year. I feel like I’m really a part of something that I’ve never been a part of, other than me and my caddy, it’s just been us our whole lives.

Having these guys and their caddies and families and coaches and everyone, it’s just one big family now. I just couldn’t be happier. It’s incredible.» – Pérez said, quoted by

Pat Perez on his team

Pérez was delighted with his performance.

«I don’t want to let the team down. I want to play well every day, and today I was finally able to introduce myself.” Perez said. “I birdied two of my last three holes going in and had a big see-saw on the last hole to go up and down.

You know, it was an amazing feeling to drill that last six foot meter down the hill and get in.” There is a great atmosphere in the team. They showed that bonding can be an important factor. Of course, nothing would be possible without everyone on the team. “I thought we had a one-shot lead there, and P-Reed birdied his last hole and then Cap came down and had to make thon four feet.

It was a great atmosphere,» he continued. “You have Cap and Cam going down the last hole, you couldn’t write it better. Two top players, just incredible.»

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