'I Can Understand Novak Djokovic', Says Atp Legend

‘I can understand Novak Djokovic,’ says ATP legend

There is great concern and uncertainty about the status of Novak Djokovic. The former world number 1 appeared at the Australian Open with a left hamstring injury, which he had suffered during the tournament in Adelaide. What initially appeared to be a minor issue is instead clearly affecting you.

The Serbian phenomenon has shown clear signs of suffering in the first two rounds of the Happy Slam, having to resort to the physiotherapist during his second round match against Frenchman Enzo Couacoud. The 21-time Grand Slam champion admitted that he is worried about the state of his knee and he doesn’t know if the situation will improve.

We remember that Nole is on the hunt for his tenth title at Melbourne Park, which would allow him to reach his eternal rival Rafael Nadal in 22 Grand Slams. The 35-year-old from Belgrade hasn’t lost in Australia since 2018, but it won’t be easy to bottom out with a similar injury.

In statements to Eurosport, Boris Becker took stock of Djokovic’s conditions.

Boris Becker on Nole Djokovic

“You know who he is, the guy is drunk, from the first moment he’s been provoking, provoking!

He’s not here to watch tennis, he just wants to get into my head. You’ve heard it at least 10 times, I’ve heard it 50 times, what are you going to do about it? Why don’t you take him out of the stadium? an exasperated Novak Djokovic told the referee.

«I can understand it. If four or five drunk fans come onto the pitch with the motivation to bother Novak for many points, then the referee has to intervene at some point because it becomes unfair,» the German told Eurosport.

Becker said he encourages passionate fans, but only up to a limit. “I like loud fans – passion and excitement are part of the game, but if they are really drunk then they don’t belong on a sports field,” he added. Former World No.

1 Mats Wilander recently raised concerns about Novak Djokovic’s hamstring injury at the ongoing 2023 Australian Open. «That’s not reassuring, because I don’t remember him saying anything like that about his body. I really don’t remember,» Wilander said.

Raph [Nadal] obviously he is always very honest and gets asked questions all the time. You never really see Novak hurt, and if he is, he’s always very quiet about it. So that’s a concern,» Wilander said.

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