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Hurkacz heads to the quarterfinals in Dubai

Hubert Hurkacz advanced to the quarterfinals of the Dubai ATP 500 tournament by beating Pavel Kotov 7-5, 6-1 in just over an hour of play.

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close to midnight Hubert Hurkacz ended his first round yesterday by defeating Shevchenko. In this connection, he met another Russian, who came from the previous stage as Pavel Kotov. The current number 138 in the world managed to beat the Australian Aleksei Popyrin, who had accepted the invitation to the main series, in three sets.

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Changes were visible in the service that they had a sublime meaning, and none of the receivers were able to get the one who put the ball in play into trouble. This focus was important because a small detail could be important for the future of the first series. The eleventh game was to be when the Polish player was going 15-40. Regardless, it wouldn’t happen until the fourth ball of the set when Hurkacz took the lead.

Winning the first set delayed Hubert and he was a breath of fresh air. Kotov lasted that second game for the first three games, but then the Pole, who knew how to use the huge confidence he gained from winning the title in Marseille, could have been 100% effective on the break. Hurkacz came on strong in this round, beating Kotov, who scored one of his best results at the ATP 500 in Dubai. during his short-lived sports career. The Pole has achieved his sixth consecutive victory and tomorrow he will fight for a place in the quarterfinals against world number one Novak Djokovic. You can expect a great match between these two players.

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