Hugo Dellien Baja Copa Davis

Hugo Dellien drops out of the Davis Cup

The Bolivian player confirms that he will not participate in the upcoming Davis Cup matches with his country. All this was told in a statement published on their social networks.

Draw of the group stage of the tournament

Another bad future looms after the Davis Cup split Hugo Dellien, Bolivia’s current best player. That’s why racket number 99 in the ATP ranking decides not to participate in his country’s next commitments in the form of the world’s oldest team tournament. All this was announced by the player himself on his official Twitter account. The draw for the group stage has already been confirmed, Hugo Dellien he lashes out at those he says are hurting tennis. For the same reason, he says he doesn’t want to be a part of it.

The player’s statement about the situation related to withdrawing from the entire tournament

«The money to get to the Davis Cup: it is amount X depending on the series to be played, if a significant amount for the organization is played from Local and a larger amount is negotiated with the players. If it’s played as an away team, it’s just a big number because FBT doesn’t run the series. The president of FBT says in his duty information that The money received from the ITF must be used however one wisheswhich seems very low to me for the president of our sport to talk himself up like that, but it’s good for them to understand the kind of people our sport is running.

With accusations that the players are liars

“There is a contract that I personally negotiated as the players’ representative because the players and the FBT wanted it that way. where the same FBT asked me to be % and not with individual negotiations like whenever I was in Davis Cupthe negotiable percentage is the total revenue given by the ITF after all FBT expenses if played away, such as against Thailand.

Confirms that he will abandon the Davis Cup while following the organization

– I also reported it I won’t be in the Davis Cup until the leadership changesnot because of the problem the boys experienced, but because I think this leadership is hurting tennis And I feel like I can’t be a part of it.»

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